Cooper Street Scarlet Review


Claudia Biddle

Claudia Biddle is a soon to be graduate from Rutgers University – Camden. Claudia has majored in studio arts with a concentration in painting. She has completed two minors: psychology and religion and is a member of the Rutgers Athenaeum Honor Society. While at Rutgers, Claudia participated in the Art Students League, the Honors College, and was the Communications Director and Curator for the Student Works Gallery. Currently, Claudia’s artworks revolve around portraiture: oil on canvas and reverse-glass painting. She hopes to continue with her painting and strive towards teaching.

Andrew Cipolone

Andrew Cipolone was born in Camden and grew up the eldest of three in nearby Brooklawn. Heattended high school at Gloucester Catholic High School and upon graduation in 2011, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. and remained on active duty until early 2015. Upon enlistment completion, Andrew enrolled at Rutgers Camden that spring and attended his first semester during the fall of 2015. He is currently a finance major active in the student finance association, the Toastmasters International club and works part-time. He now lives in Marlton, New Jersey and some hobbies include skateboarding and concerts.

Nick Ellison

Nick is a Computer Science major here at Rutgers-Camden. Currently interested in web development, he enjoys building large-scale content websites for fun and profit, and he aspires to start a hedge fund, and someday become a televangelist.

Bill Epstein

Bill Epstein is a current third year student studying English Education with a focus in Linguistics and Theater. He hopes one day to teach the next generation of English students by instilling in them the same passion and desire for the arts as he found in himself during high school. He is fond of all types of music, and is frequently searching for newer and more unique sounds to listen to, and can often be found arguing semantics with his friends.

Jacob Foster

Jacob Foster is a transfer student from CCC Blackwood and is currently a junior studying Visual Art and Marketing at Rutgers-Camden. He has been a GAO Rep for the Art Student's League, and recently completed CURCA research in which he was awarded a grant. Artwork can be viewed

Donnell Holland Jr.

FlyMcFly is a 22-year-old Rapper/Producer/Sound Engineer, born and raised in Mays Landing, New Jersey. His long-time friends and family call him Amir, but for those who want to know more, his real name is Donnell Andrew Holland, Jr. FlyMcFly, also known as Fly, was born in July and the summer has always been his most celebrated time of the year. Music had always been a part of his life, and at the age of 15 it became something that he pursued vigorously. He played the drums in elementary school and took piano lessons, but Hip-Hop was always his true passion.

Tooba Hussain

Tooba Hussain is a Kashmiri-American Muslim student at Rutgers University . She is a first year Political Science major with a minor in Journalism and Criminal Justice. She is interested in poetry, religion and law. She hopes to destroy stereotypes and foster understanding between people through the craft of writing. She also uses spoken word poetry as a medium of bringing pertinent issues to light. She endeavors to attend law school in hopes of working alongside the United Nations in fighting for human rights and investigating war crimes. This is her first time writing for The Scarlet Review and it is nothing short of an absolute honor!

Sangeetha Maheshwari

Sangeetha Maheshwari is a sophomore at the School of Business with a major in Accounting. She loves to do volunteer work and be more involved in the community to make an impact. She is a member of the Business Leader Development Program (BLDP). In her spare time she loves to read and cook. She plans on getting her MBA and CPA in the future..

Mrittika Majumdar

Mrittika is a rising freshman at the Rutgers School of Business- Camden majoring in Finance. Although she aspires to be a business leader of tomorrow, she attributes her passion for writing as a medium for her to make her voice heard. A passionate believer in working to live the American Dream, Mrittika is excited by the idea of doing what she loves and loving what she does. Having immigrated to New York from India in the summer of 2015, Mrittika regards her college experience as a journey of “discovering, rediscovering, defining and redefining” herself.

Joshua Marason

My name is Joshua Marason and I’m from Philipsburg, New Jersey. I am a current freshman at Rutgers University, and am also a current biology major. I plan to minor in Spanish, and would like to potentially have a career in a foreign country. My hobbies include playing baseball, basketball, and collecting sneakers, a hobby that started when I was a freshman in high school.

Marina Mikheil

Marina Mikheil is a first-year student at Rutgers University-Camden pursuing a major in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and aspires to one day be a Pharmacist. Although, she was first inspired to write this piece on feminism as she began to witness all the different kinds of bigotry and hate this movement received both on social media and from her peers. In doing further research, she realized the topic doesn’t seem to get much credit for promoting gender equality and thought to express her own views through one of her particular interests, writing.

Preet Raval

Preet Raval is an undergraduate student at Rutgers University – Camden. Currently a first year Computational Biology major, his future aspirations include medical school with the eventual goal of earning an M.D. at the end of his name. He hates to write in the third person and generally anything formal, but can be convinced to do so upon occasion. However, when possible, he prefers to get his message across as informally as he can. To My Unborn Son is a fantastic example of his characteristic writing style and he aims to produce more related works in time. It is also his favorite piece of writing ever produced.

Elizabeth Staub

Elizabeth Staub is a freelance writer from the Greater New York City area. A love of culture led her to study at the International College of Seville, Spain before starting her academic career at Rutgers University. She is now a sophomore year Marketing major at Rutgers School of Business with a minor in Spanish. With the completion of her undergraduate degree, she aspires to pursue a career in business in the culturally diverse city of Philadelphia.