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Mercy vs. Murder

Andrew Cipolone

To oversimplify, euthanasia's existence is predicated on seeking to curtail unnecessary suffering, especially when that suffering has a low likelihood of reversing the deterioration.

U.S Drug Policy: A Case for Change

Nicholas Ellison

In 1977, Carter called for the decriminalization of marijuana, and told Congress: "penalties against possession of the drug should not be more damaging than the drug itself (Rosenberger 25)."

The Bard and the Bible

Bill Epstein

We can see that Shakespeare understands the faith even if he does not believe it. On the other side though, we have a distinctly realistic and human-centered worldview running through his characters.

Media's Portrayal of Islam

Tooba Hussain

Ultimately, the media has been used as a weapon against Muslims as a means to generalize them despite their diversity.

This I Now Believe

Sangeetha Maheshwari

You cannot hurry when you are making breads; you have to enjoy and relish the process.

The Metamorphosis of my Political Beliefs

Mrittika Majumdar

I used to perceive political compaigns to be plans of “organized interests” through continuous inculcation and “insinuation of untruths.”

Open Letter to the Registrar

Joshua Marason

The consequences for not understanding how to take out loans is too steep, especially for freshmen.

Normalize the F Word

Marina Mikheil

Most would agree with how most people on social media view feminists as man-hating and tend to give off false interpretations of what the purpose of the feminist movement is for.

To My Unborn Son

Preet Raval

It’s not that I don’t love you or think you’re beautiful. It’s a matter of necessity. If I were forced to keep you, it would be the end of my life as I know it.

Her Namesake

Elizabeth Staub

Her letters brought a sense of nostalgic warmth; a feeling of tradition that was foreign and comforting to me.

The Other Side

Joe Warburton

“I wanted folks to react strongly and give their opinions. I may have come off too strongly for some and failed to acknowledge the other side, like I just did with you.”

Silence Near the Sea Weed

Lisa Hannon and Donald Holland Jr.

Sittin’ here under an orange tree startin' to wonder what I cannot see.

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