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Letter from the Editor

In this commemorative 250th year of Rutgers’ history, I would like to help in celebrating with the University and adding to its long list of valued achievements with the debut of Rutgers-Camden’s first online magazine, The Scarlet Review.

This magazine is a collaborative project; none of this would have been possible without the incredible contributions from our fellow student authors and tremendously talented art students. We, the staff, have had the honor of starting this process of an online publication from the ground up and have made every decision–the content, format, appearance, artwork and even the colors. Our hope is that the foundation that we have laid will enable future Rutgers students to build upon, expand and continue the publication of this magazine.

In both upholding and representing the reputation of diversity for which this University is so well known, the staff of the magazine have worked very hard to offer a varied selection of pieces for this first issue: political, cultural, educational, emotional and hopefully, just pleasurable – in both visual and digital audio selections.

From its colonial beginnings in 1766, Rutgers University has continually maintained an engaging and supportive relationship with its students in their endeavors in all areas of achievement. In that regard, we would also like to thank Professor Travis DuBose for his guidance, support and work in helping to make this issue possible.

I have enjoyed the experience and camaraderie of working on this magazine. It is bittersweet to state that this first publication sadly marks the end of my undergraduate experience here at Rutgers-Camden.

I hope that you will enjoy and pass on the creativity presented in what you see, hear and read in this inaugural issue of The Scarlet Review.

Peace and Smiles,
Lisa Hannon

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” – Albert Einstein

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