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Letter from the Editor

I am proud to announce that Rutgers-Camden has made yet another issue of the Scarlet Review. All semester long we talked about variety. We knew this was an important year for us making the second issue of this project. We want to showcase what Rutgers-Camden has to offer. There are people here from all over with all different sets of backgrounds. Our goal is to reveal the resilience in our fellow students’ writing. We wanted the writing to have a meaning and branch out in very many directions, and it did.
Editor in Chief Khadedra Leach
Our magazine had three themes: Fiction, Academic, and Personal. However, each story had its own rhythm. But whether or not it was written with humor, facts, or simple poetry, they all still had a message. One thing this class has taught me is that working together is better than working alone. This magazine project is a piece of art between Rutgers-Camden fellow students. We didn’t know each other at first, but the mutual respect of writing helped us grow into one happy family. Without the help of our collaborative students this magazine wouldn’t have succeeded. Additionally, we would also like to thank our faculty advisor Travis DuBose for making all of this possible. If it wasn’t for his passion, respect, and understanding of this project it would have been less enjoyable.

As for me, it has been a true honor being Editor in Chief during my last semester here at Rutgers-Camden as an undergraduate student. I have truly enjoyed every moment of this opportunity and will continue to cherish the moments I had here in this class. I hope this magazine continues on with greater issues in the future. I hope everyone reading this will enjoy the pieces of writing waiting before you and respect the message. After all, “the enemy of art is the absence of limitations”- Orson Welles.

Peace, love and happiness,
Khadedra Leach