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Aisha Bilal

Smells like Home

My name is Aisha Bilal. I am a Biology major for the class of 2020. I am an advocate for environmental justice, believing it’s essential to protect our planet’s biodiversity for the welfare of all lifeforms. I am especially grateful for my friends, family, faith (Islam), and the natural world.

Kathrine Christy

Ulysses in Hell
English Major - Class of 2017

I love the Classics. That’s why I wrote this paper. I’d like to be a professor someday.

Clara Cribb

Depressive Ways
Fine Arts Major/English Minor - Class of 2018

I’m currently living in Trenton, NJ. I’m transfer student from Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, NJ. I love the different aspects that are associated with art: painting, photography, video, sewing, etc. Creating an entity with your hands and the mind is something that I’ve always been fascinated with. My current focus is painting, but I love to experiment with photography.

Sam Lyons

English Major - Class of 2018

I’m currently a Junior and an English major. I’m a big fan of Romantic era literature as well as Gothic and contemporary horror. Some of my favorite poets and writers are Percy and Mary Shelley, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, John Keats, and other British romantics.

Albert Mancao

Vengeance, The Knight, and Batman: High Art In Comics and Cartoons
English Major - Class of 2020

I grew up in a little town called Pennsauken which is a stone’s throw away from Camden. I intend on becoming a fiction writer; however, life would most likely turn me into a guidance counselor or something else that isn’t a writer. To describe me in three words, I would consider myself as hilarious, skilled, and gorgeous, but others–”realists” is what they like to call themselves–would describe me as delusional, arrogant, and a 5/10 at best.

Ruby Murrani

English Major - Class of 2020

She is an active member of the Rutgers Civic Scholars. Outside of her school studies and engagement, she helps teach English and writing to Syrian Refugees at the Camden Catholic Charities. During her free time she enjoys writing, working on design projects and creative projects. After college, she hopes to work as a journalist in a Middle Eastern country.

Trinh Nguyen

Dear Prejudice
Biology Major - Class of 2020

I’m currently a Freshman student in biology and my dream is to become a doctor. When I’m not working or studying, I like to relax and have fun. Some of my hobbies are painting, playing tennis, and listening to music.

John Patouhas

That Perfect Girl is Gone
Theatre/English Major - Class of 2017

John Patouhas is a theatre/English major in his junior year. He has worked at the Writing Design Lab on campus for almost 2 years. He likes to write and perform for the stage among other mediums.

Samantha Procida

The Cave
English Major - Class of 2017

Samantha Procida is a senior majoring in English and minoring in Art and Digital Studies at Rutgers Camden. She aims to bring the humanities into the digital age by creating narratives for online platforms. Currently, she’s working on a meta fiction webcomic called Breaking The 4th Wall.

Breanna Ransome

English Major - Class of 2017

Breanna’s inherent love of language has reached new depths over the course of her undergraduate education at Rutgers State University, Camden Campus. As an avid reader and writer of both creative and academic works, she’s found her most rewarding endeavors include advocating for the Humanities and utilizing her background in Linguistics and Anthropology to understand and harness the implications and power of language. Breanna has recently accepted an offer of admission to RUC’s graduate program and will begin working toward earning her Master of Arts in English in Fall 2017. She would like to thank her Creative Writing instructor, Adam Janos, for essentially providing a space in which the short story Winter had the opportunity to develop and reach its full potential.